Laughing in the Midst of Chaos

One thing my husband and I are learning is that laughter can work as good as a medicine, even the Bible says so. Sometimes laughter is the only thing keeping you from crying hysterically. I can't speak for anyone else's marriage but the first year for us was hell on earth. So much stress and anxiety with blending a family, finances, and removing our single ways of living. It was almost as if there was this serene bliss while we were dating and then as soon as we said I do all hell truly broke loose.

In the midst of all those trials it is by the grace of GOD (first and foremost) and a boat load of laughter that has kept us. Sometimes we lie in bed feeling so defeated, as if it is just us against the entire world, one of us will crack a joke and we will spend the rest of the evening laughing so hard that tears are streaming down our face.

There is just something about inner peace and joy that even tribulations can't steal. Christ gives a joy and peace that the world can give and the world can not take away. He allows at time for that joy and peace to be ministered through laughter. We have learned to laugh at our problems and not take ourselves so seriously at times. Being silly cultivates our romance.

My husband is a master of dry humor and there have been times where he has loved me through bouts of depression. One minute I

feel like my world is caving in to the next minute I'm laughing so hard that I can't breathe. I love him for that. Laugh More= More Love. This simple task has strengthened us.

Life can be sobering at times and the weight of the world can pull us down if we allow it. BBe intentional to pursue joy with your spouse. Cultivate an atmosphere of laughter. Enjoy one another while you can. I love you guys Until next time, Be fruitful and multiply.

P.S Enjoy Your Marriage!

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