Make It Plain

I am learning with my husband that subtle hints and innuendos go right over his head and as intelligent and amazing as he is, I am realizing men are very simple creatures and don't aspire to be mind readers. All the times I have been upset, in the 9 nine years I have been married, about him not getting it, I know now.... Just say it! If his actions or comments bothered me, he is not going to link my huffing and puffing and my attitude to what he did two hours ago. If I put on my really nice perfume after getting out of the shower he doesn't connect that with having some adult time. In my house words speak louder than actions. I know it's hard to believe but many men just don't get hints! Sometimes I feel as though many women want men to just get where we are coming from, change their ways and adopt to ours, not taking into consideration compromise is a two way street. I can't expect my husband to think like a woman and it is not my role to think like a man. It is our responsibility as partners to keep the lines of communication wide open, for me to express my concerns not nag my concerns, for me not to hold onto it and let anger build up for an explosion later. I can't speak on your behalf but my marriage doesn't deserve that. Note to self: say what you mean and mean what you say.

P.S Enjoy your Marriage

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