Team Work Truly Makes The Dream Work


Marriage from my standpoint is two coming together as one to achieve a purpose. If this were not true, would the bible refer to the wife as a helpmeet/helpmate? So many times we get married for love, when love and/or companionship was never the sole purpose of marriage. Marriage was created in order to enable us to reach our God-given purpose, to achieve something greater than just ourselves, something that we wouldn't have achieved alone. Sometimes we as women marry men with no vision and no knowledge of their GOD-given purpose and wonder why that marriage that seemed to be filled with so much love and romance crumbles to pieces.

I know that concerning my marriage, amazing things happen when Mike and I are on one accord. Things go smoother and we have much more confidence in the things we are trying to accomplish. Being married I have to remember now that I am one with this man. GOD will never bless me separate and apart from my husband and because GOD recognizes Mike as the head of our unit I have to realize that all my blessings will flow through Mike. Honestly sometimes that's hard for me to wrap my head around because it is rare that I don't believe I am right. Sometimes I want to go off and do things that concern my family without considering him first because my emotions tell me my way is the right way. I have to understand if I am gonna live by God's way then I can't do that and even if I am right and my husband makes a wrong decision I have to leave that for GOD to correct. Trust me easier said then done.  

As a newlywed I am learning about the power of agreement and how with oneness the sky isn't even the limit. Also oneness keeps peace in my home, being on one accord keeps the romance flowing. Our teamwork truly makes the dream work. I really do believe that when a married couple truly understands "united we stand, divided we fall" that there is NO mountain they can't move. Until next time, take care.

P.S. Enjoy Your Marriage

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